Ryan Eggold says NO ON 8

Who cares about his beard, his activism is way sexxxy!

Who cares about his beard, his activism is way sexxxy!

Ryan Eggold participated in an ad against California’s Proposition 8, which would eliminate the rights of gay couples to marry. GOOD FOR HIM. Here’s a photo from the set and you can watch the finished ad here. Don’t discriminate – vote no on 8!


Outfit check: Shenae Grimes out and about

Here’s Shenae Grimes going to lunch and the grocery store in LA this weekend. And I don’t know if it’s because all my brain is wrapped up in the election right now or if she’s actually gotten her style together or perhaps we are now living in a dream world, but her outfit is actually fine. I even like the accessories. Alright, if you must know, this is exactly what I wear when out and about on a Sunday afternoon doing errands. Yes, wearing stupid fuzzy comfy shoes is part of the perks of living in LA. Anyone is allowed to wear shoes like that.

Overall: A for Anyone can dress like this in LA.

Outfit check: Shenae Grimes at Blackberry party

Nice bolo tie, btw.

Nice bolo tie, btw.

Shenae Grimes leaving the Blackberry party in LA recently. No really, it’s for a Blackberry party that happened about a week ago, not a party at Spago for the first cell phone ever invented in the 1980s. I realize that the oversized blazer with leopard print satin lining is throwing you off. Oh, you can’t stop staring at the apparently genuine wearing of acid washed jeans? She must be on her way to see a hair metal band play at the Whiskey.

Overall: D for don’t show up with mall bangs, please.


Some of the 90210-ers out and about on Halloween. It would have been a lot cooler if they’d gone as the old 90210 characters. And then maybe they could do that on the show, too. Or you know what? Just rerun the old ones? Yeah.

pillface boo

Pillface would never wear this.

Jessica Lowndes as Minnie Mouse:

Nice lace fingerless gloves, though.

Shenae Grimes as … um … someone only allowed to wear stripes for some religious reason? Something related to mascara smears? Don’t know. Don’t get it.

He didnt shave for this either.

He didn't shave for this either.

And let’s not forget, Ryan Eggold teacher guy as a douchebag:

Outfit check: Annalynne McCord at Blackberry party



If you can wear this, I guess it’s one way to get attention. Suffice to say the site I yanked this photo from opened up about 15 pop-up windows that were all for porn and the author’s comment was “I’ve never seen this chick act or perform but damn she has certainly caught my eye with her style. I dig chicks with big mouths too.” Well then.

Outfit Check: Annalynne McCord at TI’s Sirens Show

Apparently Treasure Island (TI) casino in Vegas is changing its pirate show to something involving scantily clad ladies who sing, or something. And Annalynne McCord showed up to this event to model her new line of Slutty Halloween Costumes for ladies who find the traditional slutty Halloween costumes just too modest and prudish. I don’t really have anything else to say about this, mainly because I’m afraid to look at it too long lest my eyes burn out.


Kitson disaster

Here’s one more photo for the Kitson event and I do have to say that compared to these two (Lady GaGa and Perez Hilton), Jessica Stroup and Dustin Milligan look quite subtle and well put together. However, compared to these two, Marilyn Manson looks subtle. So.